Caring for Pets: Save Time and Keep Pets Happy With IoT Devices

Pets really do make a house a home—and with recent studies proving that having pets helps humans decrease stress levels and improve their mental health (WebMD)—more people are choosing to make furry friends members of their families. While pet ownership is well worth the effort, one of the biggest reasons people don’t have pets is because they think they don’t have the time. How can someone who dedicates hours every week caring for pets stay on top of everything it takes to maintain a healthy home?

In this post, we’ll explore how IoT devices are helping pet owners save time and take better care of their pets. We’ll also look at how you can use smart devices to take care of other tasks—like watering plants—that may get left by the wayside when dedicating your time to your pet.

Better Health Monitoring With a Smart Collar

Staying on top of your dog’s health issues is not only imperative to keeping your dog happy and safe, it’s also an effective way to save money on vet visits. Devices like the PetPace health monitoring collar help you keep a close eye on variables like your dog’s body temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, calories burned, and more.

The PetPace health monitoring collar connects to an Android or Apple device, enabling owners to check in on their dog’s status while they’re at work, running errands, or just out of the house. This helps give them peace of mind, and even more importantly, ensure their dog is happy and healthy at all times—even when they’re not around.

Give Your Pet a Key to Your Home

dalmatian in smart door for caring for petsDogs are smart animals—they’ll let you know when they’re thirsty, hungry, bored, or need to go outside and use the bathroom. With the Electronic SmartDoor from PetSafe, dog owners can allow their pets to roam in and out of the house without ever having to get up and unlock the door.

Each door comes with a SmartKey, which owners can attach to their dog’s collars. Since the door and the key are connected through smart technology, the door unlocks when a dog approaches it, allowing them to go in and out with no assistance. What’s more, the SmartDoor connects to up to five keys, so if you have more than one dog or cats in your home, they can control the door, as well.

Caring for Pets: Hang Out and Enjoy Lunch With Your Pet From Anywhere

automatic pet feederOne of the most difficult parts of having a pet is leaving them at home in the morning. By the time you roll into the office, you’re already missing your furry friend! Furbo—a treat tossing, full HD WiFi pet camera designed for dogs—strives to connect pet owners with their pets during the day while they’re at work or school with a video camera, microphone, and automatic treat tossing that’s connected to WiFi.

Furbo is perfect for people who are worried about their pets at home and want to be able to reward them for good behaviour. Connected to your preferred smart device, Furbo dispenses treats at your discretion, allowing you to reward your dog when they’re behaving at home on their own. On the flip side, if your dog is barking or seems to be irritated, you’ll be notified immediately. With Furbo’s powerful camera, you can check in on what’s going on with your dog immediately and react accordingly.

Focus Your Time on Your Precious Pet Using Smart Devices to Take Care of Other Tasks Around the House

When you have a pet, you want to spend all of your time with them—but that gets difficult when you have a home to maintain. For pet owners who want to reduce the time they spend taking care of mundane tasks, smart devices like the Goldoon exist, making things much easier.

The Goldoon is a smart plant watering device that aims to take better care of houseplants while reducing the time you spend tending to them. The Goldoon sits underneath your plant, tracking its temperature and moisture levels and releasing water when it identifies that your plant is getting thirsty. On top of watering your plants, the Goldoon also connects to your smart device of choice, allowing you to monitor your plants and see how they’re doing while you’re away on vacation or at the office.goldoon, smart self-watering planter

Using Smart Devices to Save Time and Take Better Care of Your Pets and Plants

Are you currently using any smart devices to take better care of your pets? How do you currently care for your houseplants? Let us know in the comments. If you’re interested in learning more about the Goldoon, click here. Goldoon is now offering $50 off for those who pre-order the device!

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