How a Fitness Tracker Can Help Optimize Your Workouts

Everyone from Olympic athletes to amateur gym buffs is leveraging IoT-enabled fitness tracker to refine, and optimize their training processes and physical condition. With global retail revenue for fitness tracking devices expected to reach $53.2 billion by 2019, fitness trackers are becoming standard household electronics, helping people develop more efficient workout routines to improve results.

So, in which ways does a fitness tracker impact your workouts for top performance? Read on to find out.

By Being a Sleek Technology That Can Be Worn At All Times

If you’re worried about a fitness tracker getting in the way while you’re working out, fear not. With the ability to embed a small chip into common accessories, fitness trackers come in many formats. The wristbands, eyeglasses, shoes, smartwatches, cycling, and swimming trackers are the most commonly-used. At this point in time, we’re seeing brands compete to not only provide the most attractive accessory, but also provide the most accurate measurements and the best user interface. Companies such as Fitbit with best-selling fitness wristbands in 8-years, Garmin with low-cost but professional Vivoactive GPS enabled smartwatch, and of course, Apple are leading the pack.


By Helping You Tighten Up Your Stance Using a Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are almost as popular as tablets and smartphones, and the number of Americans using fitness trackers projected to double by 2021. It’s clear that IoT technology for sports and fitness tracking is now mainstream, but are professional athletes using these devices to achieve better results?

Many devices, such as Whoop, are designed specifically for Olympic athletes, helping them unearth valuable information like the best angle for diving or the best body position for skiing a certain course. Activity trackers can also collect information such as speed, acceleration, heart rate, position, and orientation, help athletes refine their methods to move faster, hit harder, and achieve better overall results. While Whoop is made with professional athletes in mind, there are plenty of fitness trackers that are priced for amateur athletes, as well. Check out a list of the most popular fitness trackers and their features here.

By Helping You Plan Your Route in Real-Time

While fitness tracking devices capture information that can be analyzed and actioned after the fact, modern IoT devices also provide real-time analytics, enabling you to immediately adjust your workouts for more success. Take smart cycling goggles, like Recon Jet, for example. With smart goggles, cyclists can access maps and gain insight into surrounding terrain to plan the most effective route. What’s more, for those using electric bikes, a tracking device can be placed on your handlebar, letting you know how much charge you have left, where you can charge if you start to run out, and when the best time is to stop for a charge between point A and point B.

By Responding to Emergencies

Is the sport or activity of your choice at all risky? Mountain climbers, boaters, and athletes who participate in high-risk activities can take advantage of a fitness tracker to keep them safe. Even those who do more low-risk activities, like cycling or running, can benefit from a fitness tracker to help them in case of emergency.

Many fitness trackers have emergency response capabilities, identifying the location of a person who needs help. By wearing a tracker, you’re ensuring that with the click of a button, rescuers can come find you if you’re in danger.


IoT Technology is Changing the Game

From fitness tips to keep you healthy and safe, IoT fitness tracking is changing the way we play, train, and take care of ourselves while participating in sports. Check out our blog for other posts about IoT technology and its potential to drive efficiency in other areas of your life.

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