How Smart Devices are Helping Seniors Stay Independent and Healthy

Smart devices drive efficiency and productivity in the average American home, but their impacts go far beyond just automating mundane tasks. With 90% of American seniors planning to “age in place”—and the number of age 85+ people projected to triple over the next 50 years (AARP)—caregivers are turning to technology to make the lives of seniors easier, more fulfilling, and happier.

Reducing the Time and Effort Spent on Everyday Tasks With Smart Devices

This day and age, people use smart devices to take care of everyday, mundane tasks, freeing up time to do the things they really enjoy. From vacuuming to turning the lights on and off to controlling the temperature in each room of your home—smart devices automate time-consuming actions so you don’t have to worry about them.

While saving time is valuable, the benefits of smart devices go far beyond efficiency. Seniors who experience health issues, have physical barriers or need extra security can rely on smart devices to make their lives easier. For example, a senior may be living independently but not have the physical abilities to protect themselves against intruders or strangers. They could install a doorbell camera to monitor every person who comes to their door. As a more common example, seniors may enjoy living with many plants in their home but don’t have the endless energy to walk around the whole house, watering each one individually. A smart, self-sufficient plant watering device like the Goldoon can take care of this task through automation, enabling seniors to enjoy the benefits of living with plants without having to frequently care for them.

Improving Seniors Health With Smart Devices

Reducing tasks is beneficial to seniors, but smart devices also have major health and wellness advantages. Technology has been helping seniors track health-related metrics like weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and more for many years—but smart devices strive to help seniors improve their health.

Consider this: many seniors experience physical and mental health issues that impair their ability to eat and drink regularly. Nutrition is incredibly important for seniors, so how can smart technology be a key component in improving their environment and encouraging them to eat?

Nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other senior facilities are often operating on limited resources. Smart devices are a cost-effective and labor-efficient way to give seniors a higher quality place to live, enabling a better living experience and chance that they’ll live healthy lives. Katie Shlemkevich, a graduate student at the University of Guelph, has a theory that nature, plants, and greenery have an impact on seniors and their ability to eat. She notes that during her time working in long-term care for seniors, many residents expressed that facilities feel institutional and cold, and don’t offer a sense of “home”, which impacts eating habits.

Even the most resource-limited senior care facilities can maintain plants in their dining space with the help of a smart device. A plant watering device like the Goldoon enables workers to leave plants unattended for weeks, even month at a time, with the device monitoring soil dryness and providing water as it sees fit. In addition, studies show that businesses experience up to an 80% cost reduction using smart devices to facilitate tasks like plant watering, making it possible to maintain a positive environment for seniors without breaking the bank. This goes for long-term care facilities, as well.

Adopting Goldoon Technology to Drive Efficiency and Enable a Better Living Experience

The smart self-watering planter Goldoon is designed to save time, money, and most importantly, ensure seniors and others can enjoy plants without having to worry about consistent care. Interested in learning more about the Goldoon? Discover how the Goldoon can help you save time and money today, and order yours to take “plant watering” off of your plate.

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