Indoor Plants: How to Grow and Care for Them When You Have Many

Indoor plants are such a huge trend right now, and with good reason! An easy way to freshen up your home or office, indoor plants also increase air-quality and make a space more productive.

2018’s indoor plant trend is going nowhere in the new year—in fact, it’s likely the trend will grow even bigger and people will be including more and more plants in their decor. If you want to get in on this trend and reap the benefits of indoor plants in your space (and there are many, read about them here), it’s time to get in on the top tips for keeping plants alive, especially when you have a ton to care for!

In this blog post, we share our top tips taking care of houseplants when you have a ton of them. Don’t feel overwhelmed, these tools and tips will help you keep them in top shape so you can experience all of the positive things a plant-filled home or office has to offer.

Move Your Plants As Little As Possible

If you’re someone who loves to reset your home often and re-decorate to switch things up, we understand! It can be fun to adjust little aspects of your home’s design to make it feel fresh every once in a while. The problem with moving plants, however, is they become very accustomed to their space and learn to thrive there. If you’re moving your plants around too much, they could have trouble staying alive and well.

Our tip for keeping your plants in one place? Strategize. When you get a new plant, strategically consider where you’ll want it to live and how you want it to fit into your decor. It’s fine to move everything around the plant, but overall you’ll want your plants to stay put.

Have a Repotting Day Every Once in a While

Many people purchase a plethora of houseplants in nice pots, place them around their home, and think they’ll never have to worry about them again. Unfortunately, if you want your plants to grow big and lush, you’ll need to repot them every once in awhile, transplanting them into larger pots.

Repotting is a big job that shouldn’t be done on-the-fly. Plan a repotting day and do all of your plants at once! This day doesn’t have to be daunting. A nice Sunday is a great day to repot your plant babies. Play them some music, get some big pots full of fertilizer and soil, and put a few hours aside to transplant your indoor greenery to allow them to grow big, strong, and even more beautiful! As a rule, only plan these re-potting days in the Spring or Summer. Re-potting can be hard on a plant, and to allow it to use all its strength to adjust to its new pot, make sure you’re doing it in warmer weather.

Fertilize to Keep Them Flourishing

Many people forget about fertilizing their plants and think water and light is enough. Fertilizing your plants will keep them in optimal health (which means big green leaves!) and make them even easier to keep alive.

Plant fertilizer can be purchased at any store that has a greenhouse, nursery, or plant section. The trick with fertilizer is reading the instructions carefully. Don’t miss this step. Many fertilizers are designed specifically for certain kinds of plants, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not feeding your plants the wrong stuff. It’s also easy to over-fertilize plants. Check the instructions and follow them, and you’ll watch your plants grow higher, faster, stronger!

Make Plant Dusting a Part of Your Cleaning Routine

Just like people, plants need a little shower every once in a while! Plants are proven to improve air-quality and make a room feel fresher, but they can only work their hardest when they’re clean. Dust is a reality of life, but can also really damage your plants and their stunt their growth. Dust can cause disease in indoor plants as well as prevent them from soaking up all of the sunlight they need to thrive. When dusting your house plants, just use a cloth that’s slightly damp (but *almost* dry). No cleaning products or soap should be used on your plants, as the chemicals can kill them quickly. Dusting your plants will help the plants themselves feel healthy, while also giving them a beautiful polished look in your home.

Use Technology and Tools to Help You Keep Track of Your Plants

If you have tons of plants, it can feel overwhelming to care for all of them and have them living to their full potential. Luckily, technology offers many tools that alleviate some of the stress of caring for plants.

The Goldoon is a self-watering plant device that’s decorative but also very useful. The Goldoon is placed under your plant’s pot, with a small wand stuck in the plant’s soil. All you have to do is fill the pot every couple of weeks or so, and the Goldoon will water your plants for you. This is a perfect way to care for your plants while you’re travelling, having a busy period at work, or are just on-the-go often.

The Goldoon is a smart device too, which means it’s connected to the internet. Using your desktop computer or mobile device, you will receive notifications when the device needs to be refilled, as well as weekly tips and tricks on how to take care of your plants. The Goldoon watering device allows you to track exactly when your plant was watered with an easy-to-read table and chart.  You can also add liquid fertilizer to the Goldoon water tank to really help your plants flourish.

Reaping the Benefits of Plants with Support from Tips and Technology

Do these tips help you strategize for how to care for your many indoor plants? Let us know down below! If you want more information on the Goldoon device, click here. These devices are perfect for your most treasured plants at home, and also work well for bigger offices where plant care can become a burden. Visit the website and learn more now!

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