Affordable Interior Decor Trends from the Interior Design Show 2019: Countertop Planters

Last month, the Deprolabs team had the privilege of attending the 2019 Interior Design Show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At the conference, we heard from seasoned speakers who talked about advancements in technology in relation to interior design. We also visited incredible display booths that showed us some of the newest interior design trends emerging in North America and beyond. We’re coming back to the Deprolabs headquarters with tons of new information and ideas. In this blog post, we’ll share one of our favorite discoveries: Countertop planters as an interior design trend in 2019.

The Benefits of Greenery in Your Home or Office

Indoor plants are a massive trend right now, with the number of Google searches for plants like succulents growing tenfold in the past decade. Plants provide benefits like better air quality, more productivity, and reduced stress levels, and increasingly, homes and offices are taking advantage of these perks to improve their lives and beautify their spaces.


Some companies and educational institutes (such as NSCC Ivany Campus in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) have adopted plant walls, which create a fresh, beautiful atmosphere for students. While every office or other building could gain a lot from a plant wall of this size, it can be a huge expense to build and also maintain—with most costing up to $250 per square foot to build and $40 per square foot per month to maintain. How can smaller businesses or even homes reap the benefits of a plant wall without the major cost? We discovered a new trend at the Interior Design Show we think is a perfect alternative.

Countertop Planters as an Alternative to Plant Walls

If a plant wall or other major plant installation is of interest to you for your home or office—but you feel it may be too expensive to maintain—we present to you the most cost-effective (but still attractive) option: countertop planters. At the Interior Design Show, we saw many displays featuring countertop planters. These planters are a growing trend, with plant lovers increasingly incorporating them into their homes, offices, and other spaces.

countertop planter new trend in interior design kitchen

Example of a countertop planter

One of the greatest things about a countertop planter is how effective it is in freshening up space without taking up too much room. A countertop planter can be placed in the corner of your counter, or even in the middle of a kitchen island. People with little counter space to spare may choose to incorporate a planter into their kitchen by using a floating shelf above their counter, so their plants sit at eye-level.

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  • October 27, 2022 at 7:44 am

    Hi, nice tips and details for interior design. I will surely try countertop plantation for my new office interior because the benefits of greenery you wrote about were amazing. Looking forward to seeing more blogs regarding office interior designing. By the way, your writing style is simply beautiful.


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