Make your home place smarter with Goldoon

Everyone loves to live in a smart home; opting Goldoon is one good initiative towards changing your lifestyle and fulfilling a basic need.

Home is a place where one relaxes; it should be clean and comfortable. Plants are important at home, they keep your environment clean and refreshing.  To maintain the greenery, one needs a lot of time to pamper the plants, invest time and money to get a wholesome return.

What happens to your plants when you are away?

Yes, most people tend to travel for work, stay long hours out of the home. Plants need a regular water supply to stay fresh and green.  Usually, people lose their favorite plants when they return home because they couldn’t manage to water it regularly.

What Is Goldoon?

Goldoon is the world’s first invention of its kind, smart- learning and self-watering device, which is created to help your plants when you are away from them. Most noteworthy, Goldoon remotely waters your plant so they remain fresh and hydrated.


How Does It Work?

Goldoon is a smart device, lightweight, easy to handle yet user-friendly.  All you need is to place your pot on the device, pour sufficient water in the tank that can hold 1.6 liters of water. Usually, a 4 liters flower pot needs 200 ml of water after each day. This device is good enough to water such plant for two weeks.  With the Goldoon app, you can select watering level and intervals to water your plant. You will also be notified in case the battery gets low or the water level sinks. Furthermore, it doesn’t require much space, so you can handle it easily.

Where can you get it?

Goldoon will be on the market by mid of 2018. Pre-order Now and receive 55% off regular price.