Office Decor: 5 Ways to Make a Simple Workplace More Lively (and Productive)!

Employee retention strategies are a huge conversation in office management right now. High employee turnover is not only expensive for a company, but it also decreases morale and makes it hard to encourage employees to really invest in your company’s mission. While there are many complex components of a successful employee retention strategy, there are a few ways office managers make employees happier in their day-to-day lives at work right away. We think the most fun (for everyone!) is sprucing up the office with some positivity-radiating decor!

Are you an office manager who wants to liven up the office and help employees feel more comfortable while working (and in turn, be more productive)? Perhaps you’re an employee yourself who wishes your office were a little more inviting. Read on (or show this post to your office manager!) to discover four ways you can make your office a more inviting, comfy place to work.

Let a Little Light In

Comfortable lighting is a critical factor in making your office a comfortable and productive place to work. Many offices contain lights that are too dim, causing employees to feel lethargic and sleepy. Even worse, so many offices use too much fluorescent, artificial lighting which is known to cause migraines, making employees squint to see their computer screens.

The best kind of light you can offer to your employees? Natural, of course. Try getting as much natural light in the office as possible by raising blinds and putting desks close to the windows. Is your office a cave with little natural lighting to start? It may be worth looking at a lighting renovation. Sure, it sounds expensive, but the upfront costs are a drop in the bucket compared to what your company may save with a lighting renovation. According to studies, companies who undergo lighting renovations have saved upward of $50,000 on lighting costs, and a whopping $500,000 per year on employee productivity alone (source). Doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

Slap on a Coat of Productivity-Boosting Paint

Color therapy is a real thing. Some colors are known to boost creativity, physical strength, spirituality, and even productivity.

What kind of work do employees do in your office? If they’re working on physical tasks, Redbooth says red is the perfect colors to get them moving. Perhaps you’d like to boost your employee’s intellectual capabilities and have them hyper-focused. Blue is a great color to keep employees who facilitate administrative or project management-type tasks on track. If your office has employees who do all kinds of different work at the same type (which can become a bit chaotic), green is an excellent balancer. Redbooth has all kinds of details about office colors and how they impact productivity and happiness on their blog post here. Plus, it’s exciting to switch up paint every now and then! It keeps things interesting.

Be Flexible and Accommodating With Your Office Layout

Gone are the days of sitting at one cubicle for eight hours. Modern, innovative offices are adjusting their layouts to allow employees more flexibility to move around and get a change of scenery during the workday.

Long, collaborative tables and comfortable seating areas make great alternatives to a beige cubicle. Employees with laptops will love the opportunity to move around and have options when at work, and those with desktops will appreciate the separate space to hold meetings and work on team projects. Standing desks are also a huge productivity-booster. A study by the British Medical Journal found that 52% of employees who use standing desks claim they’re more productive at work. Giving people more space to make decisions and break the mould of the traditional workday makes them feel appreciated, and in turn, engage more with the company and its mission.

Add Greenery to Make Your Office Feel Fresh

Plants are an absolute must for modern offices. Not only are they attractive, but they’re also proven to boost productivity and make employees happier at work. Studies show that approximately three-quarters of employees worldwide consider air quality an important factor in if they’re satisfied with their work environment. Plants are a great way to increase air quality while also offering employees a more pleasant workplace.

Consider adding plants that are easy-to-care-for to your office, as well as tools that make keeping them alive and thriving almost fool-proof. Plants that fall under the dracaena species make great office plants, as they’re versatile and can live in dimly-lit environments (if you haven’t started your light reno yet).

If you’re at all worried about adding “plant watering” to your already floor-length office manager task list, don’t fret. Tools like the Goldoon self-watering device are taking care of office plants for you while still letting you be in control. The Goldoon is a device that you place under your plants, filling it with water every couple of weeks. As a smart device, the Goldoon waters your plants on-time and with the right amount of water, preventing them from drying out or being over-watered. The Goldoon also sends notifications to your desktop computer and Android or iPhone device, telling you when it’s time to refill the water tanks. All you have to do is fill the device every couple of weeks. The Goldoon takes care of all watering and ensures you know if your plant is alive and thriving or needs attention. This device is a great way to save time (as well as money on dying plants)!

Spruce Up the Office and Watch Productivity Soar

Feeling inspired to spruce up the office and watch your employees feel happier at work (and be more productive)? Start making small changes now to see big improvements! If you’re interested in adding some plants to your work environment, learn more about the Goldoon watering device now and how it can help you maintain plants easily in a work environment.

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