Smart Devices to Take These Four Tedious Tasks Off of Your Plate

Smart technology is becoming increasingly accessible to the general public, with 79% of people in the U.S. reporting they already own at least one smart device. Automated devices such as smart thermostats and smart lights bulbs are sold at the biggest retail franchises like Best Buy, Walmart, and Loblaws, and have grown to be standard, time-saving fixtures in North American households. While adjusting your home’s temperature with smart thermostats and preserving energy with smart light bulbs is useful, new advancements in smart devices are taking even more tasks off of your plate through machine learning and automation.

Looking to reduce your time spent doing chores and tending to necessary, yet time-consuming tasks? Perhaps you’d like to have a machine take care of your chores, but at the same time, you’d like to be able to monitor and control them. Read on to learn more about four tasks you can check off your list using smart devices, and the technology that can help you gain insight into tasks being completed by smart machines.

Ordering and Replenishing Basic Goods

amazon dash basic

While shopping can be a fun activity, having to replenish everyday, essential goods are often more time consuming and tedious than you’d like it to be. Amazon Dash makes it possible to order and replenish basic items with the simple click of a button. Literally.

Amazon Dash offers both virtual and physical buttons, enabling users to order and acquire their favorite, most frequently used items in less than 48 hours. Physical Amazon Dash buttons can be placed anywhere in your home—for instance, a Tide Pod button may be useful in your laundry room, or a paper towel button in the kitchen—making it a practical, simple way to remember to order the things that are so easy to forget. If you choose to use the virtual button, it’s available via any mobile smart device—so even if you don’t have buttons spread throughout your home, you can still quickly and easily order what you need by pulling out your phone and clicking no more than one button.

Start (and Finish) Your Laundry and Dishes Before the Work Day is Over

Let’s be honest: no one wants to work all day, just to come home and tackle a big pile of laundry. If you’re someone who gets stuck washing and drying clothes all evening or weekend—and you wish you could assign that job to someone else—a smart washing machine may be for you.

A smart washing machine connects to your personal WiFi as well as your mobile phone or tablet through a dedicated app. With a smart washing machine, you can pile clothes into the machine in the morning and control and monitor your cycle once you leave the house through your device. The most modern smart washing machine apps provide insight into the progress of your wash, how much time is left on your wash, whether your machine is rinsing or spinning, and more. These features provide users with peace of mind knowing their machines are working safely while they’re not at home. What’s more, your app will tell you when your wash is done so you know when it’s time to throw it in the dryer.

what happens to the plants when you are away

Smart dishwashers work in a similar way, enabling you to load the dishwasher and monitor the progress of your wash while you’re out or even in another part of the house. What’s great about having an app connected to your washing machine or dishwasher is that you’ll never have to worry about peculiar, difficult-to-identify maintenance issues. Your app will always inform you of hiccups, making it easy to catch problems quickly and have them addressed before the machine becomes unusable or damaged.

Watering and Caring For Houseplants


Caring for your houseplants can seem almost as time-consuming as caring for a pet! Fortunately, there are devices that can learn about your plants, providing them with the hydration they need, when they need it.

Indoor irrigation systems like the Goldoon are placed directly under your plant, picking up on its hydration levels. The most effective watering systems only need to be filled with water once every few weeks (or even every few months), as they have the capacity to manage and control the amount of water a plant requires.

Many people fail to care for their plants because they simply don’t know how much water their plants need or they simply don’t have the time to monitor and care for them. A smart plant watering system takes “plant care” off of your plate, and better yet, it keeps your plants healthy, thriving, and beautiful—enabling you to maintain a luscious, greenery-filled home without the work!

Making Your Home a Smart Home to Save Time Using Smart Devices

Do you think your home—and chore list—could benefit from more smart devices? What tasks do you wish smart devices could take off of your plate?

If you’re interested in learning more about smart plant watering systems, check out the Goldoon. The world’s first self-learning and a smart watering device that’s built in a modular structure, the Goldoon can be physically extended and comes with a free mobile application that allows you to monitor, control, and care for your plant from the comfort of your device. The goldoon is ideal for anyone who has a busy schedule, travels a lot, or wants to reduce the time they spend caring for their plants (but still reap the benefits of having a plant-filled home). Click here to learn more about the Goldoon, and save more than 50% off of your purchase by pre-ordering now!

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