The Smart Self-watering Device for Office Plants Launches in Nova Scotia at Volta Labs

Last week marked an exciting milestone for both Goldoon and Volta Labs. Volta Labs celebrated their Grand Opening 3.0, after expanding their offices in downtown Halifax. As for Goldoon? After working out of the Volta Labs office for the past year, we’re now contributing to the office’s attractiveness, freshness, and culture with our Goldoon self-watering, smart system for indoor plants!


Volta Labs is a place where people collaborate, ideate, are productive, and drive innovation in Nova Scotia—which is precisely why the office needs decor that inspires. Using the Goldoon smart plant watering system, Volta Labs now has five plants that are connected to the internet. Yes, the internet. You heard that right.

The Goldoon smart watering plant system connects plants to the internet, enabling those responsible for plant care (which is often an organization’s Office Manager) to gain peace of mind, knowing their plants will be alive and thriving as long as possible. The Goldoon sends notifications directly to your mobile or desktop app, telling you when your watering system needs filling, when your plant needs to be watered, and more.

office-Dieffenbachia-Dumb Cane-Goldoon-VoltaLabs

At Volta Labs, five Dieffenbachia plants (also known as Dumb Cane plants) now decorate the office’s meeting rooms and conference rooms, purifying air and making the rooms attractive, comfortable places to work. With the Goldoon device, the Volta Labs office team can rest assured that their plants will stay alive without too much attention. The device adds water and fertilizer to the plants automatically, and the reservoir only needs to be refilled every 30 days!

Plants are proven to improve productivity and make offices more comfortable, happy places to work—but it’s not always easy to keep plants alive when you’re working in a busy, fast-paced environment. Plants make an office more attractive, reduce noise levels, and also improve air quality by removing formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the air. Using the efficient, portable Goldoon, office managers can ensure they’re bettering office culture with plants, without taking on the workload that comes with caring for them!

The Goldoon device is gaining traction in the business market. With interest and demand growing, Goldoon is ready to ship orders to NEW customers in the next week. Interested in ordering Goldoon devices for your office? Contact us to learn more about our leasing plan and how you can save by ordering multiple devices now!

indoor office plants self watering auto watering

Goldoon thanks Volta Labs for their support and for their contribution to the start-up community in Nova Scotia. As Canada’s East Coast Innovation Hub, Volta is the center of gravity for technology entrepreneurship and is home to over 50 tech companies, ranging from ocean technology to health innovation, and enterprise solutions to marketplaces. Learn more about Volta Labs.

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