Spring has Sprung! Spruce Your Office Up With Indoor Plants

Winter can be a dreary, dark time for us as humans (seasonal depression, anyone?)—imagine how rough it is for plants that require sunlight and warm air to stay alive. Indoor plants experience a serious spring awakening when the seasons change. Sunshine, longer days, and humidity all push plants to grow to their full potential. The transition from winter to spring is a perfect time to spruce up your office and add some new houseplants to the mix!

Shake off those winter blues and perk up your home office or office space with indoor plants. In this blog post, we explore some popular indoor plants you can easily add to your workspace. Improved air quality, refined aesthetics, and more! Read on to make your office worthy of an Apartment Therapy article.

spring indoor plants

African Violets

There’s no doubt you’ve seen African Violets around. Small and dainty yet colorful and full, African Violets are low-maintenance and easy to grow.

African Violets bloom year-round, meaning even when the weather is less-than-ideal, you’ll still benefit from the beautiful colors and vibrancy of this blossoming plant. What’s more, African Violets are easy to re-plant. When your African Violet starts to flourish and outgrow its pot, just clip a little leaf off and repot it in moist soil (thanks for the tip, Better Homes and Gardens).

African Violets grow best in medium to bright light, so keep them by a window when the springtime sun starts shining.

Peace Lilies

spring beautiful flower
Photo credit: proflowers.com

Peace Lilies are timeless, classic plants that fit into any office decor. Peace Lilies are known for being super-efficient at purifying the air, helping you make your workspace fresh.

Peace Lilies love humidity and require nice, moist soil to thrive. Incorporate a Peace Lily into your office decor now, in the spring, to see it blossom beautiful white or off-white flowers in time for summer. One finicky thing about Peace Lilies is their need for moist (but not too moist) conditions. Don’t let your Peace Lily dry out too much but don’t overwater it, either. Once you learn your Peace Lily’s sweet spot, you’ll reap the benefits of its beautiful flowers!


sansevieria snake plants

Also known as the “Snake plant” or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”, the Sansevieria plant is interesting to look at and adds a modern edge to any office. These plants are extremely tough (meaning they’re easy to care for) and don’t need a ton of attention. Water your Sansevieria every two to six weeks (depending on when it completely dries out) to facilitate maximum growth. As for light? Sansevieria plants love medium light but can tolerate low and high light, as well. Springtime is the best time to keep ‘em growing!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are easy to take care of, easy to source, and even have physical health benefits! Aloe Vera plants are classified as succulents, meaning they retain moisture in their thick leaves and can live during dry spells. Aloe Vera plants require diligent watering, like any plant, but need to completely dry out before getting more water.

aloe vera

Start growing your Aloe Vera plant now and by the time summer’s here, you’ll be able to treat sunburns or sun-exposed skin to cool, fresh aloe.


geraniumsGeraniums are beautiful blooms that fill your office with color! Many green-thumbed gardeners plant Geraniums outdoors and wait for them to bloom until spring, but keeping them indoors can keep them going all year long. Geraniums need direct light, so keep your Geranium close to a window, drenched in sun. They also need proper grooming and clipping, but it’s all worth it when you see their gorgeous red, pink, white, and other colored flowers grow.

Geraniums can be a little picky when it comes to watering—they like moist soil that’s well-drained. Some plant enthusiasts choose to check their Geranium’s soil with a moisture meter. Check your Geranium’s soil and when it starts to feel dry, give it a little sprinkle.

Sprucing Up Your Office Space With Indoor Plants

Plants are a beautiful addition to any home or corporate office space, and the plants mentioned in this blog post are colorful and full of life. Bring vibrant hues and fresh air into your office to reset your mind and schedule for spring, encouraging better productivity and balance.

What do YOU like to do to reset for spring? What makes you feel ready to tackle the new season and bring your best self forward? Consider adding some indoor plants to your office decor, and comment down below to inspire other readers to take on spring 2019 with their best foot forward!

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