Why Dracaena Plants Are the Perfect Way to Perk Up an Office

Office managers who want to create a more positive, attractive work environment are increasingly turning to plants as decor. An easy piece to incorporate into your office environment, plants give dull spaces a more natural, relaxing feeling and are the perfect way to make your employees feel more comfortable at work. The only downside of filling your office with plants is the time it takes to care for them. Office managers need to choose easy-to-care-for plants to ensure they don’t sink too much time into plant care.

Dracaena Plant in Stand
Photo Credit: www.proflowers.com

Dracaena plants aren’t as picky as other species, making them perfect for your office. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of Dracena plants (also known as Dragon tree) and why they’re the perfect plant to spruce up your office and make things feel more homey.

Better Air Quality in Your Office

Dusty, musty offices prevent employees from working comfortably and being their most productive selves. If you’re looking at ways to make your office not only more attractive, but more comfortable, Dracaena plants are a great option.

According to NASA research, plants are proven to remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds every 24 hours–and Dracaena plants are one of the most effective air purifying plants. Formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon dioxide are harmful chemicals found in the air of many offices and homes alike, causing illnesses and discomforts such as headaches, breathing problems, and in worst case scenarios, kidney disease. Dracaena plants in your office will help prevent these issues and promote overall health in your employees. In fact, NASA puts them in the top 10 plants for better air quality.

Boosting Productivity with Better Focus

The proof is in the stats–office plants improve employee focus and productivity. Ruth K. Raanaas, a professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, believes that office plants are a very cost-effective way to keep employees working to their full potential (source). In an interview with Co.Design, Ruth says, “Most people spend a large proportion of their life at work, so even small effects may have great practical significance when aggregated over employees and time of employment.”

Dracaena plants are easy-to-acquire, as they’re a popular plant that’s sold at most greenhouses, nurseries, and other places that sell plants.

How to Best Care for Your Office Dracaena Plants

Dracena plants tree from ikea canada
Dracaena marginata tree in a pot. Photo courtesy of Ikea.com.

If you’re ready to incorporate Dracaena plants into your office but are worried about the time it will take to care for them, check out these quick tips for keeping your Dracaena plants healthy and thriving.

Make Sure They Have Indirect Sunlight

Dracaena plants need natural light, but indirect sunlight helps them grow best. A small amount of direct sunlight in the morning or when the sun is going down is fine for the plant, but it prefers to live somewhere that’s bright but not directly lit.

Keep Them Somewhere Humid

If your Dracaena plant is kept in a dry space with low humidity, it’s likely its leaves will brown and in worst case scenarios, it may die. Try to keep your plants somewhere with decent humidity levels.

If your office is dry and humidity isn’t an option, give your plant a little misting every now and then to keep it fresh. This misting will serve as a substitute for a humid climate and help the plant stay leafy green and beautiful

Don’t Overwater Your Dracaena

Overwatering is a common reason plants die, so make sure you learn how much water your Dracena(s) need to thrive. The best way to ensure you’re giving it enough water is using a smart device like a Goldoon plant-watering system, which measures your plant’s health and tells you when it needs water.

The Goldoon is an attractive yet almost unnoticeable plant watering system that sits directly under your plant with a sensor that sits in its soil. The Goldoon measures how healthy your plant is and tells you when it needs more water. The best part about the Goldoon? You can actually fill it with water, allowing it to choose when to provide your plant with the hydration it needs to survive.

The Goldoon connects with your desktop computer or smartphone and sends you notifications when your Goldoon tank needs to be refilled with water. It also lets you know how your plants are doing and sends you warnings if a plant is dying. This is a great way to manage your plants and ensure they stay alive, saving your office money and time.

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