The world's first learning and smart self-watering planter

Goldoon is for all the people who care about their plants and want to have peace of mind when they are away from their flowerpots.

Why Goldoon?

  • Have you ever forgotten to water your plants?
  • Do you want to have a plant at your home or office but you are not sure about how to take care of it ?
  • Are you traveling and you are concerned about your plants watering when you are away?

Goldoon has been designed to be your assistant. Just put your flowerpot on it and place the nozzle in the pot.
Goldoon is the world's first smart self-watering device that's built in a modular structure, giving it the ability to be physically extend. The device comes with a free mobile/tablet application.

  • Healthier plant
  • Schedule Long Trip Vacation
  • Everywhere Notification
  • Track and Analysis
  • Universal
  • Connected

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Goldoon is a unique system which can track the user's behaviour, environment parameters and database information to learn how to take care of a plant.

What is a smart device

What is a smart device?

A smart device is a system and interfaces which can run predefined tasks automatically.

What does modular structure mean

What does modular structure mean?

Goldoon has been designed based on a modular structure, meaning that the product functionality could be extend by adding additional modules, and the mobile application can be easily reconfigured to operate in different modes.

Manual mode

This mode is designed for the plant lovers, who would like to be always near their plants. They want to take care of their plants by themselves, however in case if they forget to water their plants for any reason, Goldoon will never let the plant dies because of insufficient water.

Goldoon Manual Mode

Scheduled mode

The pre-defined task mode is designed for employees or travellers who are busy, but they also want to take care of their plants closely. With setting a rule, for instance 1 cup for every 3 days at 2pm, the device will take control of watering the plant by following the scheduled plan.

Goldoon Scheduled Mode

How it works

Goldoon mobile application
  • Open the mobile application
  • Select the watering intervals
  • Select the required amount of water
  • You can check the water and battery level for each device
  • You will be notified for low water level or battery power
  • A 4-liter flowerpot needs 200 mL water every 2 days. 3 liter water tank capacity would be enough for 30 to 45 days


goldoon office
  • 3 liter water capacity (enough for 30 to 45 days)*
  • Low noise water pump
  • Processor unit in the device
  • Communication: Wi-Fi
  • Dedicated iOS/Android app
  • Universal
  • Size: 8cm (height) x 15cm (radius)
  • Max flowerpot weight: 70 kg - 150 lb
  • Max flowerpot height: 40cm
  • Max flowerpot bottom size: 15cm diameter
  • * based on 4-liter flowerpot which needs 200ml water every 3 days

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