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" Technology shouldn't require all of our attention, just some of it , and only when necessary "
~Amber Case

Product Designer

Are you comfortable working for a startup company?

At Deprolabs, we are designing, developing, and producing a wide range of smart electronic devices in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation systems.

Product designer is using his/her design skills and technical knowledge to improve the way that designed products work and look, and/or produce them at a lower cost. They may also be involved in designing entirely new products.

Product designer discusses designs with colleagues, as well as working closely with engineers, software developers, sales and marketing advisors and other skilled people. Product Designer uses drawings, 3-D models and computer designs to express their ideas. They should understand technology, production methods and materials, and be able to meet deadlines and work within budgets.

You should:

  • be creative with an eye for shape and colour
  • understand different materials and production methods
  • have technical, practical and scientific knowledge and ability
  • be interested in the way people choose and use products
  • have strong IT skills
  • be good at planning and organising
  • be able to work out costings and budgets
  • be good at explaining ideas to people with varying levels of technical knowledge
  • have listening and questioning skills for discussing design briefs and understanding feedback from colleagues
  • be persuasive and able to 'sell' their ideas to others
  • be able to produce clear, concise written reports work well in a team
  • be accurate and pay attention to detail
  • be able to work within deadlines and budgets.

  • Technical Skills:

  • Google Sketchup
  • or Autodesk 123D
  • Make it ready for 3D printing

  • Send us your resume to: